Friday, June 11, 2010

Playing with Reflections...

I haven't had much time to just go explore with my camera so tonight I went and explored a few streets around Vinegar Hill in DUMBO. I was planning to go straight into the Hasidic jungle we call Williamsburg but when I dropped off a friend at the subway I was amazed at the light in this area. I had to stay here because if I didn't the light would be gone. One of the first things I photographed was this building. It caught my eye because of the large circular patches of light that were reflecting onto it from another building. I'll tell ya, the light in NY is just amazing as it skips through the alleys and bounces off buildings, you never quite know what you will find, which makes your experience all the better. I only had my telephoto with me (which is how I see most of the time anyway) and as I began to zoom and play with composition I noticed this small tree right on the edge of the terrace. It's common to see gardens and even parks on top of the roof terraces but a lone tree makes this image even more visually interesting. You start to wonder how that tree got there, why it is there, how long it has been there. All these questions play out in your head. The entire scene to me was just very calming and surreal, from the wind swept clouds, to the slight bend in the blowing tree, to the light patches illuminating the building. And yet, only a few floors down the city of Brooklyn is hustling and bustling more than ever. Street vendors vending the finest fruit, the carrying on of several basketball games in the projects one block away, above ground subway cars speeding by...but you would never know. Here, for an instant, all time stops and you are sweapt into this make believe of inner city paradise. People always say they want to travel the world to make their photographs because they light is so beautiful but the truth is the light is beautiful here in Brooklyn. I wonder how many people saw this image today. My guess is no one. The trouble is, is people are too caught up in there lives and the day ahead of them that they forget to look around, forget to look for the beauty in the everyday things that surround them, that make their lives happen, but for us as photographers it's our job to pick apart the everyday crap and find the beauty in it. Lets be honest, what better job is there?


Annelise said...

wonderful image. it wouldn't be complete though, without that beautiful description.
you put into words how I feel. I completely agree with everything you said!
nice work :)

Matt Binter said...

That is hot.