Friday, June 18, 2010


Had the honor of photographing some of the entrees from one of the best restaurants in Manhattan, Hibatchi Hut, for the summer issue of KANSAS! Magazine. Obviously the best thing their is the gumbo and corn bread, hands down. Among the many other great dishes, cooked by the talented AJ Thompson, there are the sausage with red beans and rice, southwest seafood feast, bread pudding, and who could forget the hot wings!

Shot the entire job with small flash...what a surprise! One Sb-800 w/dome diffuser pushed through a Lastolite 24x24" EZYBOX. Used a reflector where needed to fill the shadows. Never shot food before so it was a slight challenge. Turned out pretty good.

Onto the portrait. I really like this portrait. Don't like Kales hand in his pocket like that but what can you do. I like the posing though, the angles of the bodies and all that stuff. Again all shot with small flash. EZYBOX up high and feathered across them as to allow the light to skim across their faces. It was actually up so high it was knocking around the ceiling fans. Right by that center column I had an Sb-900 w/dd and full cut CTO to light the background of the rather dark restaurant. And I mean dark! Thankfully I'm pretty good at hand holding slow shutter speeds. I'm talking ISO 800, f/5.6 at 1/10th of a second...eek! To be honest I could have stopped right there. Nice portrait, directional light, done deal, but us photographers can never leave good enough alone. I added one more Sb-900 zoomed to 200mm for separation and added dimension to the image. Justin clamped it to something over there on the far left and just let it skip across their backs. Necessary addition, in my opinion.

Shot the famous line of hot sauce bottles with the same EZYBOX on a c-stand. Used a technique called focus stacking on this one. Had the camera at f/11 and shot the first half of the bottles, then focused on the second half. Blended them in photoshop so I could have perfect depth of field.


Annelise said...

it's cool you got to shoot this! great pictures.. they made me hungry!

Aaron said...

Me thinks that you also being a chef helps when making images of food. Great job Luke!!! These could, or better yet should, be either in their menu or on their walls. YUMMY!!!!